Looking for More Marketing Exposure at Foodservice Conference?

Put the Exhibitor Marketing Tool Box to work!

If you haven’t already, jump over to the PMA Foodservice Conference site and check out the Exhibitor Marketing Tool Box. This tool box equips you with additional resources for achieving your Foodservice Conference exhibit goals.

 You’ll find tools for boosting your exposure beyond the show floor including information on press and media relations and the attendee list. There is also a calendar of free exhibitor marketing webinars that offer pointers and best practices. You can even access a downloadable Foodservice Conference event logo for use in your marketing efforts.  We’ll be adding to the Exhibitor Marketing Tool Box often, so be sure to visit regularly to sharpen your exhibit skills and build an exhibit that makes buyers stop and take notice.

Key sponsorship opportunities open – grab them while you can!

We want to make sure you’re aware of the following two popular sponsorship opportunities that give your company high visibility.

Opening General Session 
This well-attended session delivers an update on several of the hottest trends in foodservice. After the general session, two of the top trends will be discussed in detail. During all three sessions, your logo will be featured on signage at the entrances and your company will be acknowledged from the podium.

Chef Demo Networking Breakfast
This will be the perfect opportunity for your company chef to showcase your products in the Chef Demo Networking Breakfast. As a sponsor, your chef will create three recipes that will be included in the Recipes Booklet, one of which will be sampled during breakfast.  Additional benefits of this sponsorship include your company name and/or logo featured on signage at the breakfast.

Find more details online about this and other key sponsorships available. Then act fast by contacting PMA’s Business Development Group at +1 (302) 738-7100.

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