Coming up: Marty Craner takes us from sales to marketing

It seems each day we grow more and more time starved. Foodservice operators are no exception. Increasing menu options, greater attention on food safety, locally grown sourcing—on and on goes the list of boiling demands vying for operators’ time. That’s why buyer/supplier relationships can’t just be sales based. In fact, some may say marketing relationships with your buyers can be where you differentiate. 

Tune in to Exhibitor Central this week to hear B & C Fresh Sales Owner and President Marty Craner’s take on the issue. She’ll touch on how the transformation from a sales to marketing relationship between buyers and sellers influences what buyers need from suppliers. Then she’ll put this into context with how suppliers can best approach the Produce Expo. Should you wear your sales hat? Your marketing hat? Both? I can’t say, but Marty will. So watch for her post and be sure to let us know what you think.

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