Coming up: Maurice Totty shares insights on locally grown in foodservice

Consumer demand is making locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables more and more mainstream in foodservice. At the upcoming Foodservice Produce Expo, chances are good you’ll be approached on this topic at your exhibit. Are you prepared with answers? And how can you even market yourself more strategically to help foodservice operators respond to their guests’ interests in locally grown produce?

Stay tuned to Exhibitor Central this week where guest blogger Maurice Totty, former Director of Procurement at Foodbuy and current Director of Produce Sales at FAC Food Logistics, will talk about the overall growth and importance of locally grown in the foodservice arena. He’ll also share insight into why he sees locally grown as more than a trend or a marketing niche. Maurice will then bring the conversation back around to what this all means as an exhibitor, offering what he’ll be looking for from the perspective of locally grown as he walks the show floor this year.

Is locally grown part of your exhibit communications? Either way, we hope you’ll chime in on the discussion to share thoughts about how your company works with foodservice operators to meet demands for locally grown and how you position locally grown in your exhibit marketing. We also want you to take advantage of Maurice’s expertise to ask questions about the evolving role of locally grown in foodservice and what buyers are looking for from suppliers.

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