Coming up: What Sysco’s Rich Dachman hopes to see on the expo floor

Be sure to read this week’s Exhibitor Central guest post from Rich Dachman, Vice President of Produce at Sysco and Chair of the Foodservice 2020 Steering Committee. Foodservice 2020 is a groundbreaking initiative lead by PMA, the National Restaurant Association and the International Foodservice Distributors Association to increase the share of plate for all produce over the next decade. You’ll also find it to be the topic of much discussion during the Foodservice Conference.

That’s why Rich has taken time now to share with foodservice exhibitors about Foodservice 2020’s importance to the supply chain (hint: if you want to capitalize on market differentiation, business efficiencies, healthy market trends and enhance your food safety efforts, get to know Foodservice 2020).

Rich will also explain why he feels the expo serves as fertile breeding ground for advancing Foodservice 2020 goals. Plus, he’ll offer his two cents about how exhibitors can demonstrate a commitment to increasing produce consumption at foodservice to get buyers’ attention. I think you’ll find it to be advice that carries a profound affect. But who cares what I think, we want to know what you think. Be sure to pick up where Rich’s post will leave off with your questions and comments.

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