Use the Attendee List to Market More Effectively

Use the Attendee List to identify prospective customers for direct mail promotions, email, social media outreach and to identify those you’d like to meet with at the show so you can get on their calendars now.

Tip: Remember to take other exhibitors and/or business types that are not your target audience out of your mailing list. Once you pull the list into an excel spreadsheet, you can sort by the exhibitor or business type column.

Be sure to see if your key targets will be attending, and then “Follow” or “Friend” them before the show. Pique their interest about what you’ll be up to at the show, and listen to their conversations to gain insight into their needs and interests.

Remember to use #PMAFSC on all of your tweets about the event! Follow @PMA for information about Foodservice and other PMA events and resources.

Questions? Email or call +1 (302) 738-7100.

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