Deadline Alert!

Below are some very important deadlines that are approaching in the next few weeks.  To see the full list of deadlines, please review the Exhibitor Checklist.

July 5 –  Internet Order Deadline
The last day to order internet for your booth is July 5.  Because we have to build an internet network where one does not already exist, orders for internet may not be accepted after this date. For questions about internet availability, contact Kyle Lyons at

July 6 – Hotel Reservation Deadline  
The last day to make, change, or cancel hotel reservations without penalty is July 6.  If you have questions, please call our housing company, Expovision at +1 (703) 770-3905.

July 15 – Booth Order Discount Deadline

Save money by placing orders for everything in your booth before July 15. After this date, vendor pricing may increase on things such as furniture, catering, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact the Expo Team at or +1 (302) 738-7100.

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