Refrigerated Product Storage/Handling at Foodservice Expo

Boskovich Farms will once again provide complimentary refrigerated storage for all Foodservice exhibitors! 

  • You do not need to complete a form to secure space in the refrigerated truck.
  • Costs for delivering product between the refrigerated truck and your booth are included in the material handling rates, based upon the service you select.
  • All product will be delivered to your booth on Sunday morning unless you schedule a different time with Tricord.
  • Any product remaining on the refrigerated truck at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 31 will be donated to the Monterey County Food Bank.
  • Product remaining on the show floor should be labeled appropriately with the Food Bank stickers that are provided at the Service desk.

 Perishable Product Handling Options

  • If shipping under 250 lbs. of perishable product use cartload service and pay a flat fee each way that includes a one-time delivery of perishable product to/from the refrigerated trailer and your booth.
  • If shipping over 250 lbs., perishable product shipments packed separately from booth materials will be offered a discounted material handling rate and will include delivery of product to/from the refrigerated trailer and your booth.

Questions? Contact the Expo Team at +1 (302) 738-7100 or

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