8 Ways to get the most from your directory listing

The deadline to submit a company description and product categories for your Foodservice Conference Printed Directory Listing is June 9. You have just a few seconds to capture the attention of prospective customers — make your directory listing “count” in 500 characters or less.

  1. Prepare– Before writing a word, meet with your expo team to brainstorm one or two key messages and two to three strong supporting points. Prioritize messages so if space gets tight, you’ll easily know what to cut.
  2. Present your purpose– Specifically state what your company does. Be cautious of marketing-speak and clichés that risk ambiguity.
  3. Use audience-centered writing– Talk directly to your target audience about how your product or service benefits them. Consider calling your target by name. For example: “As a distributor, wholesaler or broker, you need X.” or “We understand grower-shippers, packers, and processors want X.”
  4. Say it simply and clearly– Use everyday speech; avoid jargon and wordiness. Use short, concise sentences. Remember, busy attendees will be skimming these descriptions online while multitasking. Get your message across quickly and clearly.
  5. Offer call to action– Invite prospects to contact you and tell them what to expect in return: specific answers, an informational kit, free consultation, interactive demo at your booth — name what will pique their interest to turn them into qualified leads.
  6. Take a break
  7. Remember to update your online listing too– Attendees now have access to “My Expo Plan”, which enables them to use the information you add to your online listing to create their own personalized list of exhibitors to visit.
  8. Add your products– Attendees can search the online/printed directories and mobile app based on product categories, so don’t leave any products out.

Bonus: Here are more ideas to maximize your visibility at the show.

Can’t find your password or have questions about your listing? Contact the expo team at showlogistics@pma.com or call +1 (302) 738-7100.

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