Product Sampling and Catering in Your Booth

sample in booth 2If your company plans on serving samples from your booth, be sure to review the Product Sampling section of the service kit for more information about:

  • Who can assist with food sampling preparation
  • Estimates on quantities of samples needed for this show
  • Guidelines for safe on-site food sampling and handling
  • How to request alcohol service in your booth

Please remember: If you will be shipping product to the Portola Hotel to prepare for you, please use the catering shipping label, so your product is delivered to the correct location.  DO NOT mix booth product and catering product in the same pallet.

2 thoughts on “Product Sampling and Catering in Your Booth

    • Hi Morgan! Thanks for the note. We’ve always allowed sampling at Foodservice Conference. There isn’t a lot of options/room for cooking in your booth, but you are still welcome to do sampling. The Portola hotel can work with you on samples if you need it. Outside of your booth, we have opportunities for product sampling stations and other sponsorships as well. If you need assistance let us know at ~ Belinda

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